3 Methods for making a jewelry box

Are your jewelry pieces your more prized collection of things? Are they the part of your wardrobe that is the dearest to you? Well then surely you would want for a fitted box for all the dear pieces of jewelry you have collected over time. And what better way to have such a box than making one especially for you and by you?! There are three possible ways to make such a handmade jewelry box at home. One is from wooden pieces, or for a two-toned effect, you could use an old book, or you could use a foam board and later cover it up with a fabric of the cloth. Read along to know-how.

Things you will need:

The following are the things you would require for the project:

  1. Wood glueVaseline
  2. Hand clamps
  3. Ruler
  4. Fabric
  5. Foamboard
  6. Piece of foam
  7. Scissors (Or Paper Cutters)
  8. Craft glue
  9. Decorative ribbons, flowers, etc.
  10. An old book
  11. X-Acto knife
  12. Paintbrush
  13. cardstock
  14. Pencil

Method 1: a two-tone wooden jewelry box:

Follow the steps and have your customized jewelry box and you can have it from just a few pieces of wood. 

  1. Measure and then cut the wood you require for the top, side, and bottom of the box. Measure and cut the wood for the edges as well.
  2. Sand the edges and stain the pieces.
  3. Make the side and the base.
  4. Make the ends and then attach the sides.
  5. Use Vaseline to prevent the lid from sticking.
  6. Make the top lid and leave it to dry.

Method 2: jewelry box out of an old book:

Have a stack of old unused books at home?! Well, this is where you could use it for something creative rather than just throwing them away. Follow the steps and see how to convert an old book into a glittering glimmering jewelry box

  1. Choose a book and draw a rectangle inside it.
  2. Cut the pages accordingly and shake out the excess of the pages.
  3. Stick them together
  4. Decorate it

Method 3: jewelry box from a fabric and a foam board:

In just a few steps you can get your very own handmade jewelry box from just a foam board. You could easily use one of your old clothes for the fabric to decorate the box.

  1. Mark out the dimensions of the jewelry box on the foam board and cut out the edges of the board.
  2. Cut the board according to the dimensions made on it.
  3. Shape the board into a cube for the box and glue the fabric to it.
  4. Make the top and bottom of the jewelry box and attach them to the cube.
  5. Decorate it.


Make sure you remember the following tips and tricks while setting out to work on your agenda:

  1. Make sure that the folds and creases are straight. Using a metal straight age will help.
  2. Try to make the measurements as exact as possible.


Take care of the following to avoid any misshapenness: 

  1. Avoid and look out for paper cuts.
  2. Handle the scissor properly and with care.

Not only can these handmade boxes be used by yourself, they even make great and cute gifts for friends as well. They are easy to make and economically convenient as well and do not require much of your time either. So set out to make a handmade jewelry box for yourself or maybe gift it to a friend.

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