3 ways of making jewelry clean

Through use and amidst all the city pollution, jewelry, especially, stone jewelry pieces tend to lose their luster after a certain period. The brightest of gemstones which at one time used to reflect light now has gotten dim over time and with use. However, beneath all the dimness still shines the bright carvings of the stones. We just need to re-establish their luster. By the following homemade processes to clean your stone jewelry pieces, your favorite jewelry will start shimmering in no time. 

  • Things you will require:

Let us take a look at the things you would require to carry out the home remedies to clean your jewelry sets and make them as good as new again. You would require the following:

  1. Dish soap
  2. Damp cloth
  3. Cup
  4. Bowl
  5. Spray bottle
  6. Ammonia
  7. Water

Homemade cleaning method for semi-precious stone jewelry

Semi-precious jewelry pieces such as amber and turquoise can be easily cleaned by this method. Just flow the steps below to get the desired results: 

  • Select a cleaning agent:

The selection of the cleaning agent is the most important step of the entire process as it needs special care. The cleaning agent cannot be too harsh else the stone in the jewelry may get corroded or lose its luster completely. Dish soap would be a good choice for such requirements. 

  • Take a cup of warm water:

Make sure that the water is not too hot as it could damage the stone. Put the cup of warm water into a bowl. 

  • Mix two tablespoon of the cleaning agent:

Mix two tablespoons of the dish soap that you chose earlier into the bowl of warm water. Then mix the two thoroughly.

  • Take another cup of warm water:

This cup of water should not be hot and just a tad bit warm. Put this cup of water into a bowl as well and use it to rinse the jewelry after washing it with soap water. See to the fact that no soapy water or soap remains on the body of the jewelry. 

Homemade cleaning remedy for precious stone jewelry

Gemstones that have slightly harder surfaces can be cleaned with this method as they require the use of chemical substances to wash their hard body. Jewelry pieces containing stones such as diamonds can be cleaned well following the steps below to get successful outcomes: 

  • Take 2 tablespoons of ammonia in a bowl:

Ammonia here is a cleaning agent. It acts as a good cleaning agent for jewelry pieces that are more precious and are meant to be more durable. 

  • Add a cup of warm water to it:

Make sure that the water is only mildly warm and not boiling. Otherwise, the stone may get damaged. 

  • Take another cup of warm water:

Like before, this cup of warm water is used for cleaning the jewelry, making it free of any more ammonia. 

Homemade cleaning process for pearls:

Pearls are extremely delicate and hence must be treated with great care while cleaning them. Keep in mind to not use any brut force while cleaning the delicate bodies of such jewelry pieces. To get your pearl jewelry shining again like when they were brand new, follow the steps that follow:

  • Take warm water and a soft piece of cloth:

Put the warm (and not hot) water into a spraying bottle. Now spray the water onto the soft cloth. 

  • Clean the piece of jewelry:

Once the cloth is soaked sufficiently, gently rub the body of the jewelry. Remember that pearls are quite delicate and so are the strings by which they are attached and hence should only be cleaned with a soft cloth very gently. 

  1. Warning: Take care so as not to clean any costume jewelry with hot or warm water. The substance used to make costume jewelry is not so strong to withstand such heat. They may get discolored and the gemstones even may come loose.
  2. Avoid using products containing aerosols such as in hair sprays around your jewelry. Aerosols adhere to the jewelry pieces and may give them a dull finish. 

There you go then! You got the most economical, eco-friendly and hence the most convenient way to clean your most favorite jewelry pieces just at your fingertips. No more lustreless jewelry at your home now!

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