Guide for selling the handmade jewelry online

The business of homemade jewelry is really tough as well as competitive business for anyone. One of the biggest advantages that the people selling homemade jewelry have received in recent times is the trend of online shopping beefing popular. Selling homemade jewelry online helps a particular person in reaching a wider customer base.

Where can it be sold?

1. The very first thing that you need to do is create an account on a marketplace website. Marketplace website sells a wide variety of items, but a website dedicated to homemade jewelry will reach the right customer base.

2. Always be ready to pay the fee that’ll be involved. If you want to make money through online business, you need to spend money at first. The major source of income of the online marketplaces is the online fees that they charge from the people who sell their stuff here.

3. Search and select the payment method that’s good for you to use. Although most of the marketplaces take the most common methods of payment still you need to see if your preferred mode of payment is listed by your online marketplace.

4. Find out how easily can you reach the customer care of the online marketplace. You are more likely to get help from an online marketplace, which provides their phone number as well as the email address for helping their clients in times of need and distress.

5. After sometime when your business thrives, try to switch to your website. As soon as you build a good customer base, get your website made and take your operations there. Your customer base will also switch there.

You should always allow your customers to make payment through a certified third party payment service. The new customers feel relatively safe with third-party payment services.

Try an extra bit harder to give your website a professional look. Give the job of designing your website to a professional in the field.

Only decide to switch to your website when you can invest a good amount of time into building your business. Otherwise, it might not be a profitable venture.

The process of selling

1. Get to know, what the people want. If you want to sell generic jewelry that can also be found in other places, then the probability of your selling jewelry is very low. Try to serve a specific niche customer. Take reviews of the customer regarding what they want.

2. Try to get the best pictures of your product. One of the biggest downsides of buying online jewelry is that the customer cannot physically see the jewelry. Hence, try to give the customer a good insight into the product with the help of a good product. As the business thrives, hire a photography student or a professional photographer for doing this work.

3. The jewelry should be priced according to its worth. Too high prices will discourage consumers.

The simplest and the best wholesale value to take total value worth and multiply it by 3 or 3.5.

The retail quality may be determined by obtained by multiplying the wholesale price by any number between 1.4 and 2.

4. Accurate and precise keywords must be used. This will attract interested customers to the site. While searching for any type of product online customers search for basic information. Vague keywords must also be avoided. This will decrease sales.

5. Social media should be used to promote the product. The product should be advertised on social media well.

6. Chose where you can find potential customers. Target those areas, especially for your sales.

7. Pay per click advertisements will beneficial for new. Every time a customer clicks on these they will be directed to the site.

8. You should also advertise in the real world. It will attract potential customers of the real world and you’ll get word of mouth promotion.

You can use the above-mentioned ways to sell your products online. It is a good potential market place for new jewelry sellers. 

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