How to Repair Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can be the second choice of most of the women just after gold. Silver jewelry needs care and one should take care of silver jewelry in the same manner as they do the same for other jewelry. When it comes to repair and maintain the silver jewelry, then it is slightly difficult. Only a true jeweler can understand this and effectively deal with this problem.

Here are some of the ways following which silver jewelry can be mended and it may shine for a long time.

Repairing broken clasps

One can buy flat nose pliers from any of the local hardware stores. One can also buy a jewelry repair kit where they can get such pliers needed for repair. The pliers should be of the flat nose so that small jewelry can be repaired with it. Buy the pliers in pairs so that it can be used effectively in holding the jewelry.

You are supposed to buy an extra clasp so that the jewelry can be repaired. You can buy these clasps online or they are easily available at a local hobby or crafting store. They are available in different materials.

With the help of flat-nose pliers, grip the ring connecting the clasp to the chain or ring. Connect it to either side of the slit. After then try to hold it in so that it can be stretched and take off the old clasp. 

And finally, add the new jump ring and then clasp it tightly so that it may not come out again. One can be confirmed by watching the repaired point by a magnifying glass.

Using a soldering torch

One can use hard silver solder for the soldering of the broken part of the jewelry. Make sure that it is a hard solder as the soft solder will not work for the silver jewelry. Buy a solder sheet for the further process as they are cheaper.

After that use a soldering torch which should be of electric. A butane torch is recommended for the soldering of hard jewelry. Handle solder torch with care and user gloves and glasses while its usage.

Use flux as it helps in cleaning the metal before the soldering so that it can bond and melt properly. Use a picking liquid as it is required after soldering.

Use the torch to solder the broken piece of the silver. Bring the torch closer to the broken pieces so that it can melt and once it will melt, it will join the silver pieces. Rinse it after soldering is over.

Take help from a jeweler

 You can take the help of the jeweler if you want a new size of your jewelry. If you would try to do t by yourself then it might create a problem with the jewelry. So, for better results, take that to the jeweler as he knows well to take care of it.

Silver jewelry is less costly than gold jewelry, but it takes more cost to be repaired. The jeweler can charge more money from you when you are taking your silver jewelry to him for repair. A jeweler knows how to resize the jewelry in its former state.

You can go to a jeweler who possesses a laser welding machine. The torch welding can be a little harmful to the jewelry. Laser welding allows the user to resize the jewelry perfectly.

Dealing with tarnish and scratches

Special silver polishing clothes re there which can be used for cleaning silver jewelry. No liquid is required with this cloth.

Polishing agents and dips are harmful to silver jewelry. The smell of these chemicals is injurious to health and one should abstain from such chemicals.

Homemade formulas are there to clean silver jewelry like phosphate-free dishwashing soap and warm water, baking soda and water. Rinse the jewelry clearly and then dry it with clean clothes.

Be careful while using any of the chemicals on your jewelry as some of the gems on silver jewelry can get tormented with the use of such chemicals. 

One can also use toothpaste for cleaning silver jewelry. Just wet down the jewelry and rub the toothpaste gently on it. The jewelry will gain its natural shine and scratches will disappear.

Hence, these were some of how one can take care of their silver jewelry in an effective manner.

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