How to sell handmade jewelry to Retail Stores?

Jewelry is one of the most beautiful things in this world which is preferred by all. People who are making jewelry can earn good money if they are selling their jewelry at a good price to the retailers. But, some of the jewelry makers are not able to make good profit, though their designs are pretty and perfect. They need to know some of the tips which should be followed when they are going to sell their jewelry to any of the retailers.

Here are some of the tips which can be followed by those who are manufacturing handmade jewelry. Their one right decision can lead to their profit and they will get what they deserve for their design

  • Search for retailers

You can search for a good store or craft galleries for the business. You can flip the pages of your phone book to search for those retailers where the business will be profitable. You can contact the local chamber for the list of businesses.

  • Personal visit to retailers

You are supposed to visit the store of each of the retailers personally and check the performance of their store for your jewelry. Compare and contrast the jewelry in display with your jewelry. Explain the features of your jewelry and it will surely convince the retailer to buy your jewelry.

  • Visit those places where you are interested in business

You can fix an appointment from each of the business so that you can explain to them about your design. Try to brief the things in your meeting easily and convincingly. This will leave an impact on the retailer and he will show his interest in the deal.

  • Meet with interested businesses

You can fix a meeting with those who are interested in your jewelry. Bring all your designs to show to the people coming from different business and affirm them that you are capable of making other attractive designs. You can bring a demo, a catalog, any photograph or award so that you can convince your counterpart to finalize the deal. Tell them about the prices and finally, don’t forget to hand over the business card and brochure of your jewelry business to the people in the meeting so that they can contact you further for deals.

  • Establish customers

You should be very particular in terms of customers. You should only promise that much which you are capable to accomplish. If you are capable of manufacturing at a good speed, then you can contact as many customers as you can. Large retailers are very much demanding in terms of quantity and delivery, so try to keep your deadline intact.

  • Produce according to customer’s demand

You can produce jewelry according to the demand of the customer. If you have established your business well, then you can start taking orders from your customers and fulfill their demands. Take a trip to the location of each prominent customer and supply them with what jewelry they have ordered. You can also ship the jewelry by yourself to your customers.

  • Hire a jewelry representative

You can hire a jewelry representative who can assist you in perfectly raising your business. If you are busy handling, then the representative will visit every store to aware them of our new designs. A commission of 15% is taken by the jewelry representative.  If your hired jewelry representative can convince retailers and taking a good business to you then paying 15% to him is not a bad deal. 

Hence, these are some of the ways following which one can sell his handmade jewelry to the retailers in the stores and mega marts.             

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