Making your own customize handmade jewelry

Making your own customized set of handmade jewelry can be a quite intimidating piece of work if you don’t know the dos and don’ts of the process. This article shows you every little tidbits and trick you need to master or at least remember before you take on such an aesthetic work. So read along.

  1. Getting started with jewelry making:

First, you need to get started with the basic principles of jewelry making before you decide on a particular piece and kind of jewelry that you want to work on. 

  • Buying a jewelry kit:

Visit a local crafts shop and buy a jewelry kit. This kit consists of any and every basic tool you need for customized handmade jewelry. They usually come with a manual of basic jewelry pieces and how to make them, but you are always free to use your imagination. 

  • Deciding a project you want to work on:

Needless to say, there is a range of customized jewelry you can make and the list from which you can choose is quite long. You then first have to decide upon the piece you want to work on and then set to work. 

  • Buying the necessary tools:

There are a thousand and one variety of jewelry pieces and even more ways to make them. So once you have decided upon the piece you want to make a purchase the necessary tools for the job. The simpler jewelry pieces’ tools include pliers, wire cutters, a metal ruler, practice wires, pegboards and so on. 

  • Purchasing required handmade supplies for the jewelry:

Required items for jewelry pieces for beginners include things such as beads, jump rings, wires of sufficient gauze size, clasps, closures and so on. 

  • Learn basic measurements for jewelry making:

You need to understand that measurements vary for the same jewelry vary for different people and even different genders. Such as necklaces that fall just below the collar bone measure 17 inches while for men the measurement changes to 20 inches. Similarly, for different pieces of jewelry, the measurements change as well. Such as chokers are about 14 inches while princess styles are about 17 inches in length.

  • Getting used to with basic jewelry making techniques and skills:

Practice makes a man perfect. Practice and master the basic techniques to form customize handmade jewelry such as cutting the wires and so on. 

  • Get together your required materials and get started:

Assemble the materials you require for making the jewelry. Such as if you are making charm earrings choose and assemble the charms you want for the earrings. 

  • Try it out once:

Before you go on to make the actual earring make sure to try it out once.

  • Making earrings:

Follow the below steps and you shall have a perfect set of handmade earrings by the end of it. 

  • Start with simpler projects:

Try making Swarovski earrings. They have a fairly simple making process and requires two charms, two earring findings, and jump rings. 

  • Attach the crystals and the jump rings:

Using pliers twist and open the jump rings and introduce the charms into them. Make sure that the distinct front and back of the earrings face the corresponding forward and backward sides.  

  • Attach the earring findings to the jump rings:

Once the above steps are completed, introduce the earring findings into the jump rings as well. 

  • Making a bracelet:
  • Start with a simple project:

Start by making a beaded bracelet. They are one of the easiest to make. 

  • Put the beads into the wire:

Put the beads into the wire one by one. Use a spool an keep the wire attached to it to control the length of the wire. 

  • Take the required measurements:

Measure the wrist for which the bracelet is being made. 

  • Introduce the jump ring at one end of the bracelet:

Add the jump ring to one end of the bracelet to which the end of the bracelet is to be attached when once it is finished. 

  • Make an end to your bracelet:

Do not forget to make an end to the bracelet to atop it from sliding off the wrist. 

  • Making a ring:
  • Start by a simpler project:

As a bracelet, a beaded ring is also a jewelry piece for a beginner. It is one of the easiest choices and easy to make as well. 

  • Add beads to the wire:

Introduce the beads into the wire keeping the wire attached to the spool to maintain and control the length of the ring. 

  • Thread the connecting bead:

Add a fourth bead to the existing triplet of the beads, such that the fourth one does not meet the former ones. Instead, feed the other end of the thread through the top of the latter bead. 

  • Continue adding the beads to the thread:

Repeat the above steps until you get your desired size. 

  • Join the ends of the wire together:

Connect the ends of the thread and you get yourself a perfectly good customized handmade ring.


  • Use the same procedure to add crimps and clasps to any other form of beaded jewelry; the method remains the same. 
  • Once you master the simpler jewelry pieces, such as beaded jewelry, go on to experiment with other materials as well.

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