Tips for selling gold jewelry

The need for selling your gold jewelry could come anytime. Therefore, one should know the correct way of doing it. Here are some of the methods that could help you in doing so.

Check the options you have:

Sell it to a jewelry store

The very first thing that you need to do is to find out a good and reliable jewelry store.  You should look at the ratings of these stores and should decide where to go.

Don’t go to pawn shops

Pawnshops are those shops that are into the business of giving you less value for your jewelry. The worst part of it is that they just manipulate you and make you realize that you have received the best for your product.

Don’t go to any random gold buyer

Recently, there are a lot of gold buying companies that have popped up. Most of these companies are either scams or frauds. So, it is better not to go to these people.

Check on multiple shops

You don’t know where you are going to get the best price and to know that, you need to go to multiple shops. Just go to these shops and then check the price of your jewelry there. After that, sell your jewelry to the one giving you the best value.

You should know about the factors

Normally, people go for the original value of the product, but always remember when you are going to sell it, a lot of other things matter too. It seems that the carat count is the only thing that matters. However, while selling the jewelry, its weight and the stones that are there in it also matters.

Check whatever you have

People sometimes weigh their jewelry by the emotions attached to them. For example, if there is a wedding ring, it has to be of great value. In the market place, it does not happen in the same way. Try to add pieces from good designers to add more value.

Check everything with the business bureau

The business bureau allows you to find the best deals. So, according to the rules of your country check everything with them.

Selling the jewelry to a dealer

  • Sort your jewelry out

Sorting your jewelry before you go to the dealer will make his work easy.  This will make him happy and he will pay better.

  • Sort the gold too

Here, by sorting the gold means knowing the value of it. Use a magnifier and try to check the carat count of it. Place the similar one in one packet.

  • Weigh it before going to the market

Just sorting won’t do the needful. If it is possible, you should even weigh the gold that you are going to sell. The buyer will use a different machine for doing it, but it is good to be prepared from your side.

  • Try to get quotes for your piece

Visit different shops and try to get the quotes for your jewelry piece. Try to get at least 3 quotes and then go ahead.

  • Trust your research

Try and do your research related to these things. You should check the history of the places from where you got the quotes.

These were all the methods that could help you in selling your gold jewelry at a better place and get a better value for it. These are all the steps that you can follow. So, one should not skip any one of them, while the process of selling the jewelry. 

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