Your 2020 guide to engagement ring trends that are in and out

Marriages and weddings are a life-changing event in terms of everything for every individual. The engagement rings portray all those changing emotions that come with the changing lifestyles. The rings are thus to be an integral part of you to be a lifestyle. They are meant to be a “forever” kind of an item. You would not want to screw up with such important jewelry of your life now, would you?! However, choosing an engagement ring can be quite an intimidating task if you are to consider all the measuring factors of a perfect wedding ring. If you want a vintage or a modern ring, which stone you want, the stone setting that is how you want the stone, the stone shape, and many more factors are there that you need to consider before you get “the” ring. Pretty daunting eh?! But fear not as this article is all about the trendsetter engagement rings of the year 2020.

Engagement rings that are on the decline

Olivia Landau the CEO of “The Clear Cut” and currently a fourth-generation gemmologist, gives her take on the rings that would be trending this year. The following is a suggestion from her year-long experienced eyes.  

  • Pear-shaped diamonds

Fashion is like eating, you should not stick to the same menu. Pear-shaped diamonds were the thing in the last year. Maybe because of many celebrity weddings that took place last years such as weddings of Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Paris Hilton, and others, the ring gained the immense popularity that it did. Fashion has traveled beyond this year. The demand has shifted from pear-shaped to more like oval-shaped rings and antique styles like ole European cuts and old mines this year. 

  • East-west setting

East-west rings do not have much to back themselves up to be a trendsetter this year. They were on the decline the last year too, and have been replaced with two stone rings (Toi et Moi) and much more dainty solitaires. 

  • Rose gold

This style is still quite requested in pieces of jewelry for everyday use or for people whose skin tone is complemented by the style. However, this year seems all for the yellow gold. Rose gold was in demand last year.

  • Chunky halos

The sole agenda of this style was to make the diamond look big and glistening from afar. With the dawn of this year, the style has been replaced by a daintier style of super-thin halos, which seem like they are almost just extensions of the diamond itself. 

Engagement rings that are on the rise

The following is a list of the styles of rings that are to be stalled in the fashion market this year. Read along to know which of them you would want.

  • Oval shaped diamonds

Oval shaped diamonds top the list of trendy engagement rings this year. They showcase their carat value quite smoothly yet clearly and compliments the finger it is on as well. The ring was first escalated by Blake Lively at the start of the year itself and thereafter has been seen being sported by many other celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Sarah Hyland. 

  • Platinum settings:

Platinum or plain yellow gold with pave diamonds are most surely at top of most requested styles of rings. This year the demand is there for a more classic and vintage style while yet keeping a modern feel to it. 

  • Super skinny bands:

The trend this year is all about keeping it classic with a hint of modernism. This is one such style. With its thin delicate band, the ring makes the diamond pop out. This particular style is timeless and amazing to match up with other forms of jewelry as well. Olivia Landau says that their collection of super skinny solitaire with a band thickness of 1.5 mm, was the most requested style this year. 

  • Hidden halos:

Unlike a traditional halo, this kind just gives a subtle glitter to your ring without changing much of the ring’s appearance. It most essentially is used as just a decorative part of the entire ring. It is just paved diamonds added to the metal wire on the basket of your engagement ring.

There you now go, with all the pros and cons you would like to know the most important part of your jewelry kit for the upcoming years of your life, even backed up by a professional’s experienced mind. 

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